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Serving the family of God

The Foundry exists to advance Christianity and relieve poverty around the world. We play our part principally by catalysing and resourcing the work of disciple-making and church planting and also by strategically supporting and empowering effective social and community transformation. Our vision is for Jesus and we exist to serve and equip His church worldwide: we want to love and serve His people, as He leads.

Around the Foundry exists an informal, scattered community which is committed to loving Jesus and working with Him to build His church and serve all kinds of people and communities in all kinds of ways. This Foundry family has no organised membership and overlaps with many other parts of the wider body of Christ around the world .

We are a registered charity (1200205.)



Providing expertise, gifts and grants


Online & in-person learning, prayer and worship


Helping to unite the family of God


Equipping God's people for works of service


Running and overseeing practical, 'on-the-ground' works to serve our communities


Sutton Community Project

One of our Flagship projects, it's vision is to reduce food waste and alleviate poverty by redistributing more surplus food to families and people struggling. 

Each week the project gives away 140 boxes of surplus food to those who most need it - seven Sutton neighbourhoods are within the 20% most deprived in the country and it's estimated that 18% of Sutton’s residents live in poverty, rising to 25% of children in the borough.

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“With God all things are possible...”

Jesus, Matthew 19:26


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