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The Forge

Our space for heart to heart discipleship; here you'll find opportunities to join in with various prayer meetings, training courses, prophetic workshops and more.



What is it?

A modular, multifaceted work which will help to train, equip and deploy God’s people. It will overlap with basecamp online and intersect with other discipleship / leadership schools.


A key and ongoing focus throughout the year will be to help students learn to learn from God Himself, The Lord has specifically highlighted the need to teach His children to walk in oneness with Him, and to cultivate character.

We should also believe for an increase in Bible literacy across the year, continually encouraging learners and one another to rightly handle the word of God by the Spirit of God in order for the purposes of God to be revealed and fulfilled.


Teaching Principles

The following three principles will be interwoven through all our approaches to equipping.


LAW: Love And War. Everything we do, learn and teach is do be done in the reality of love and war. All our efforts to equip should help people to keep sight of love as the most excellent and indispensable way (without love we have nothing and we are nothing), and should remind people that they are being equipped to wage war against the principalities and powers of this dark age.

TED: Train, Equip, Deploy. We want to avoid simple, TED style rhetoric, however compelling or alluring it might seem. Instead we want to lean into a holy, Spirit-led, Bible-rooted preparedness which sees us focused on the task at hand: to work with the Lord to train, then to equip and finally to deploy the Lord’s people into the good works that He prepared for them long ago.

MAP: Make A Plan. We want to help learners to find new joy, expectation and detail in the plan that the Lord has for their lives. We start with the unshakeable, baseline belief that every single learner has a unique grace and calling upon their lives and, with this in mind, we work hard to help each learner to find and walk with Jesus.


Format & strategy

An open school connected to the wider body of Christ

SOW/S will not be a closed school delivered to a cohort of learners who pay a sub or fee to participate. Instead it will represent a pattern of facilitated equipping, the core of which will be delivered by a joint team of teams drawn from the Foundry, Kingdom Embassy and elsewhere. Much of the material and many of the equipping opportunities we deliver will be open to anyone (albeit with some gatekeeping), and we will encourage and support people to deliver parallel opportunities through the year.

We will create multi-stream moments and movement: this school will intersect with, draw on and contribute to similar works being delivered across the body of Christ. Practically we will invite other leaders of similar equipping schools / academies / colleges to come together in His presence for worship & revelation. This will primarily be worked out relationally, but in practice we should connect wherever and whenever the Lord leads.


This is an important aspect of the work: to bring greater connection and oneness across the body of Christ as He leads. He is equipping his children for war and we need to actively lean into the great weaving work that he is conducting.


Dots & Dashes Teaching Schedule

Each month will have an overriding theme, but these will be explored and delivered differently.

Dot months: one key moment of teaching & equipping with some tools and resources for personal or group study.

Dash months: more opportunities to gather and be equipped throughout the month. Most likely with two main sessions, on the 2nd and 4th Wednesdays, with other opportunities to gather.

‘Gather leaders’ moments allow us to come together with others who are leading or facilitating equipping schools.

In some months we will offer different learning resources and opportunities to a wide audience while also preparing some very specific opportunities for Christians to gather for in-person moments of equipping.


This syllabus is held lightly and therefore subject to change as the Lord leads, it will be more widely shared at the start of 2024.


Want to enroll in SOW/S or find out more?

Use the contact us form on this website or email us at

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