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Image: Cross with rising Sun


Our vision is Jesus, and in Him we see - and seek to see - a living church, united in love and purpose and released in our generation to share good news and bring about a widespread restoration of God's Kingdom across the earth. We believe with all our hearts that Jesus is good news for all people in every generation, and we love to see Him establish His kingdom of love, grace and power in all sorts of extraordinary ways. 

We believe that God has a redemptive purpose for every person, town, city and nation under heaven. It is our joy and delight to serve those He sends our way, and we always seek to discern and draw out that Creator-made design. 


Our core values are rooted in the Bible and especially in the teachings of Jesus. These are the touchstones of all our culture and work and can be summarised in four simple words: obedience, others, oneness and opportunity. 


We choose to live a prophetic life, always and only doing what He is doing. It’s important to us that we only do what He wants us to do. This was how Jesus lived His life on earth (John 5:19-21). By His grace and power, the Foundry should always be His will and His work, done His way and on His terms and timing.


We choose always to act in the interests of others. All that we do is done to serve others, as the Lord leads. We never want to use others to serve ‘our vision.’ God's kingdom is not built by lords and ladies who look for others to help them succeed; rather, in these days, He is raising and releasing mothers and fathers who want more for their spiritual children than for themselves.


We intentionally, consistently - and gently - choose to see, and identify with, the Lord’s people as one body. We love Jesus and so we love His people without prejudice, recognising that God's family comes in all shapes and sizes: all things are possible with God, and He is endlessly creative - we love discovering expressions of church which look nothing like the ones we know.


We choose to live and work invitationally, and resist every temptation to control or manipulate: our work always involves creating opportunities for others to give, to receive, to grow and to go. We refuse any temptation to manipulate, coerce or control. Instead, like Jesus, we want to serve and release others to be all that God created them to be.

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